POSTCARDS FROM EUROPE is a research and communication project which centres on the cultural, political and social events of 1930s Central Europe. In particular it brings to the public the suppressed voices of the musicians deemed by the regime of the Third Reich to be ‘entartete’  (‘degenerate’)

The project focuses on gypsy music and on Jewish composers whose music was banned from performance and who themselves were systematically denied work from 1933 onwards -  the extraordinary lost musical tradition of composers such as Franz Schreker, Alexander Zemlinsky, Erwin Schulhoff, Hans Gal, Peter Gellhorn, Robert Dauber - some of whom emigrated, others of whom perished in concentration camps.

We research and play their music and tell their stories, giving voice again to this lost musical tradition and seek to honour both their lives and the lives of all those who suffered during this period of persecution.

These works are set against the central European musical background of works by for example, Smetana and Bartok. Concerts also feature narration on the subject of Music & Displacement in central Europe 1933-1945.

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Postcards from Europe

Marianne Olyver - violin

Nigel Yandell  - piano

Sir Nicholas Winton Celebration Concert at St Johns’ Smith Square,London.

We were so pleased to be invited to play alongside Alexander Baillie, Rupert Graves and Jason Isaacs at the celebration concert of  this extraordinary man who saved 669 Czech Jewish children.